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History Where It Happened: The Live Daily Gunfight Show at the Oriental Saloon!

Check out the family-friendly shootouts that take place Wednesday to Sunday inside the Oriental Saloon, gunfight shows that mix history, comedy, stunts, and action! You’ll laugh and learn thanks to our expert performers, who welcome guests with a smile and a six-gun every day at High Noon, 2:00 P.M. (Custom times are available for large groups and tour groups– just ask us!) TICKETS: $10 for adults, and children 8 and younger are always FREE! 

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History & Entertainment!

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Learn the facts about life in an Old West mining camp, and how quickly a game of cards could be the cause for a Wild West shootout in the streets and saloons of Tombstone! History, comedy, and gunplay in every single gunfight show, every single day!

The Real West...Not The Reel West!

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Our show portrays the real history that took place within these four walls back in the 1880s. This show isn’t based on movies or TV shows, but real, documented Old West history!

Something For Everyone at the Oriental Saloon!

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Whether you’re a history fanatic, a casual visitor, or a cowboy (or cowgirl) at heart, there’s something for everyone here at the historic Oriental Saloon. Our shows are fun, family-friendly, and the good guy ALWAYS wins! Kids love our gunfight show.

Buckskin Frank, Wyatt, & More!

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Tombstone’s own Buckskin Frank Leslie, Doc Holliday, and Wyatt Earp, all of whom worked at the Oriental Saloon, are just some of the legendary Western figures portrayed in our show! And they all managed to get mixed up in events portrayed in our popular indoor gunfight show!

Looking Down the Barrel of a Six-Gun!

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Life was cheap in a frontier mining camp. Don’t be surprised when a normal night on the town turns into a gunfight! It’s a fun, fast-paced show based on the real history of The Town Too Tough to Die!

The Best in the West!

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We have some great, experienced actors who know and love the real history of Tombstone, Arizona, and who truly enjoy entertaining guests from across town and around the world! See why our gunfight show is consistently ranked among the best in the West!

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